Sick of weekend walks? Why not try roller skating!

The sun is making a more regular appearance, temperatures are rising and you’re officially allowed to meet with a friend outdoors. So what what should we be doing with this newfound opportunity? If, like most of the UK, you’ve taken more walks than you’d ever want to in a lifetime, how does roller skating sound?

Yes, roller skating – but hear us out. The retro pastime of skating is *actually* cool again – and it’s just the activity we need to break the lockdown boredom, whether with a friend or alone. Last summer saw the initial resurgence of this nostalgic hobby, with a whole host of impossibly cool and coordinated women twisting and twirling their way through parks on TikTok – and it seems it’s an activity we can’t get enough of.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising as over the past few lockdowns, there has been a renewed interest in a ton of old-school pastimes. From jigsaw puzzles, and the days when we couldn’t stop baking to embroidery, we’ve tried every activity we thought had passed its prime. But unlike these hobbies, roller skating is a form of exercise that’ll get the endorphins flowing *and* gets us out of the four walls of our home after a long, cold lockdown.. Ideal.

So with our urgent desire to channel the 70’s-inspired sport in mind, we made it our mission to find out where to buy roller skates online in the UK. The result? An edit of eleven of the best roller skates for adults – bound to make you feel the coolest you’ve felt since, like… ever.

There’s a bubblegum blue pair with lilac wheels on Amazon, a denim pair to blend in with the rest of your wardrobe and a retro-inspired blue suede pair which will have you feeling like a Starlight Express cast member in no time. (We wish). Meet you at the roller disco.

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